Grow your eyelashes with a product you already have!

No chemicals, treatments, glue, or serums!

“Are you wearing false lashes? Did you get extensions? What treatment are you using? “

I am asked these questions every time I wear mascara in public (the poor things can’t hide from the paparazzi!) my answer to these questions: no, and I never have. Here’s how.

I was born with naturally long eyelashes yes, but, over a few years they somehow GREW MORE. Admittedly, I did YouTube several videos such as “How to Grow your Eyelashes Quickly” and “At-Home Eyelash Treatments” however, the petroleum jelly and castor oil on a Q-Tip were not what gave my lashes a growth spurt. Surprisingly, what did the trick was hair conditioner.

Makes sense, right? Eyelashes are hairs, and conditioner is a hair product…

I first began using conditioner on my eyes as a gentle solution to remove my waterproof mascara since I have sensitive skin. Using makeup wipes and oil-based removers never fully took off my mascara which led to rubbing and pulling my eyelashes. As a result, my wipe or cotton ball would have several of my lashes on them (eyelash graveyard). I remember during show weeks having half of my eyelashes on my eyelid by the end of the last performance!

By using conditioner, my mascara was not only able to slid gently off my lashes, but they also received the same strengthening, bonding and moisturizing vitamins that my hair was getting as well!

I have been using the same conditioner, Tresemmé Luxurious Moisture with vitamin e, for the past several years now. When using it on my lashes, I apply a very small amount to a washcloth and use downward motions to remove the mascara. *do not rub, or pull the hairs.

I believe my lashes were able to grow as much as they have because of a few key components: 1.) my eyelashes were not being rubbed, or pulled 2.) I did not interfere with the natural oils my lashes produce by applying serums, glues, or chemicals 3.) I conditioned them!

I cannot guarantee a time-frame in which growth will be visible as I began using this trick as a method of makeup removing. However, it does produce results! Everyone’s eyelashes are different, but be patient and kind to your lashes- treatments and extensions may look pretty for a short-period of time, but in the long-run they will only produce more harm than good in regard to your lashes health and (long)evity.

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