Ted Talks that will change your life

My past times outside of dance include, hiking, yoga, reading, arts & crafts, writing, and watching Ted Talks. I first discovered the global organization after my mom sent me a video link to “Does School Kill Creativity?” discussing the importance of incorporating art into our education systems. The discussion led by Sir Ken Robinson left me feeling moved, and inspired to share his message since I, know of the benefits that art produces especially to developing children.

I became hooked, searching YouTube for more posts similar to the one I watched, only discovering an entire channel for Ted Talks. Littered with thousands of posts, I immediately found myself watching every video I laid my eyes on. However, dealing with many ups and downs in my life, my YouTube recommend was beginning to include videos relevant to my current state. I would be lying if I did not say that these videos changed my outlook on life, and I hope these videos help you as well.

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