Transition to Raw Vegan Guide

I have been a vegan for 4 years, and I have been raw vegan for almost 1 year. Raw veganism is the most pure, optimal lifestyle for our physiological make-up as humans. As an athlete, raw veganism has benefitted my overall performance tremendously. Whether you are looking for a 28-day detox, or an answer to disease, pain, or to better your performance, raw veganism is worth the consideration. *Disclaimer: I am not a health expert nor dietitian. I am only preaching what has worked for me as an athlete following this lifestyle. I am not shaming other diets or individuals who follow them. YOU know your body best, do not let anyone tell you differently.

I have crafted a guide aimed for those who are exploring raw veganism, walking you along the step-by-step process of transitioning to this lifestyle. This way of living requires a great deal of research and education to ensure optimal health. Although this way of living has helped my being in many ways, please consult with a physician before adopting this diet.

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